School Photos of Muğla Primary school

Posted on: May 18, 2010

A Special thanks to Ayse for supplying the photos and for all her help with the project.

“I would like to inform that the books have arrived today. I informed the school manager to pick the box from my school. He will take them tomorrow and the students will be able to touch them hopefully tomorrow.

If You ever think of doing something else I will be glad to be a bridge between the school and your team.”

And a thank you email recieved from the Pınar Kulfat Primary School.

Dear Pebble Jackson family,

Thank you for your books distributed to our school in memory of Pebble Jackson. Our students loved the books which encourage reading not only for information but also for pleasure. Your gift will allow our pupils to borrow them to take home where they will share them with family members and even to read them to their illiterate grandparents.

I have enclosed the photographs which show that our students will enshrine Pebble Jackson’s memory through your books.

Thank you, again for your donation of books.


Pınar Kulfat Primary School Teachers

Köyceğiz/ MUĞLA


4 Responses to "School Photos of Muğla Primary school"

Oh the pictures are lovely and thank you Aysel for being that very important bridge.

Fantastic pictures now on this site.
What a wonderful site and helpers in memory of Pebble and what she so dearly wished for.
Hope she is smiling.
God bless you Pebble xx

Pebble will always share a special place in my heart. I had known her for over 20 years – her beautiful smile and laughter will forever stay with me.

The Pebble Jackson Project is such an endearing cause helping out the children and women of Turkey. Pebble would be so happy to know how she has enriched the lives of children.

God bless everyone.


I am pleased to report that another box of books with Pebble’s special stickers in them will shortly be delivered to a school near Sivas. These are kindly donated by Tricia and Cemal who used to own the book shop in Datca, Turkey. They helped me with the books sent in 2010, now their shop has closed they are donating some of their remaining stock of children’s books.

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