Bodrum Shoebox Appeal

The nominated school for 2010 for Gails Bodrum shoebox appeal was
Malazgirt Alparslan Kız Yatılı İlköğretim Bölge Okulu……Malazgirt / MUŞ

The Name Of The Head is Erdal Bozkurt.

Here are the pictures of the school teachers and their pupils receiving the gifts.
Thank you everybody who has supported the Pebble Jackson Project for their kindness in contributing to the Bodrum shoebox appeal in 2010.

We are extremely grateful to Gail and her band of helpers for such a successful 2010.

Bodrum shoe Box Appeal

The Shoebox Gift is unfortunately not an original idea of mine but instead was started in my home town of Wrexham in North Wales UK in the early 1990,s to benefit the children and families in Romania.

As a result of this idea, when Pebble told us all on our forum ,Turkish Living (TLF), that she wanted to help the women and children of Turkey, I suggested we use the idea to see if we could get some shoeboxes filled and sent to children who are less fortunate than our own.

I have already filled one as an example with pens,pencils,writing pads,socks,gloves,toothbrushes,toothpaste,soap, little toys,travel games etc.

I am hoping to get as much as possible before September so I can get the boxes sent off for when the children return to school after the summer break.

I am based in the Bodrum area and have several drop off points on the peninsula.

Turgutreis – Anemon Restaurant

Yalikavak – Mustis Restaurant

Gumbet – Sue’s Place

Gumusluk Gonucelen Pansyon

Re Bodrum itself we are still negotiating a drop off point and will advise asap.

I am hoping we can get this new appeal off the ground in 2010 and running at full pelt throughout the Summer as Pebble was very enthusiastic about as she was with most things in life!

If anyone would like to either fill a box or send donations towards one,I would be extremely grateful!!”

This article was written by Gail O’Neill who lives in Turgutreis with her husband Gary and is masterminding a new project for the PJP in her area. She has contacts in Turkey and is a welcome addition to the PJP team of helpers.


2 Responses to "Bodrum Shoebox Appeal"

Hi Gail.

I am at present on holiday in Bodrum.. I brought with me a donation of stationery towards the shoe box appeal.
I delivered it to Sue’s Place yesterday, Tuesday 9/08/10. around 12-30 lunch time.

Unfortunately Sue wasn’t there to receive it as i arrived before the shop opened… I didn’t have time to wait so i left my delivery with a young Turkish man by the name of Memet who was cleaning , i left a note with him giving brief details though i forgot to leave a contact number or email address… I remain hopeful that Sue did actually receive the stationary and would appreciate a reply by email to confirm this, my email is attached to this.

Yours sincerely.

Alan Fidler.

Hi Alan

I am sorry I haven’t replied earlier but I only just seen this!! I did get the bag of goodies and am most grateful for them. Thank you very much it was very kind of you.

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