Books for Schools

Books for Schools

I first met Pebble in 2005 in the TLF chat room where we had lots of laughs with other members. In 2006 we spoke on the phone and arranged to meet up, sadly this didn’t happen but I remained in contact with her. During the weeks before her death Pebble discussed her dearest wish with me to help children from poor families with their education, especially girls. I told her about a rural school near Dalaman that I had visited earlier in the year and we chatted about supplies for some of the children there. With her encouragement I took a few things for them in August. Pebble confided in me that she feared her ideas for a project would die with her. I promised her that I would do something in her memory and so I hope that my idea to raise money will do just that.

I am offering 4 of my Turkish Days to Gloucestershire primary schools for a donation only which will be paid straight into the Pebble Jackson Project fund. The donation must be a minimum of £150 and for that I will spend a day in a school.

In addition I am offering 2 days in primary schools within 100 miles of Gloucestershire for a minimum donation of £200 plus travelling expenses and an overnight stay.

If 6 schools take advantage of my offer it will raise at least £1000. These days are available until July 2010. However as there are only 6 days, I suggest schools should book as soon as possible.

The money will be spent on books for at least one rural Turkish primary school. These will be books to foster a love of reading and not to fit in with any studies or curriculum. They will be in addition to books needed in schools. I envisage that they will be for children to borrow to take home where I hope they will share them with siblings and other family members. Inside there will be a sticker about Pebble. With each box there will also be a poster to explain to pupils and teachers the purpose of these books.

If anyone has contacts with schools within about 100 miles of Gloucester please show them this offer. I promise they will have a fantastic day full of music, dancing, cooking and crafts.

Would you like to sponsor a book? If you send between £5 -£10 to the fund and alert me, I will put your name inside a book and let you know the details. The books will be purchased in July 2010 and possibly April 2010 and dispatched to a school by September. I have selected a very knowledgeable supplier who along with another TLF member will help me select books taking account of any legal, moral, cultural or religious sensitivities. We hope to buy good quality books which will cost between 10 and 25 lira each, we will be getting a discount. I expect a box of books for one school to cost about £300 – £500. Please help us.

Jane Keevill

For more information you can download a copy of Jane’s “A Turkish Experience” leaflet


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Hello, I am a teacher in the US and I, along with some other teachers, am planning a trip with a group of secondary school students this summer. The purpose of this trip is not only to see your beautiful country but to also give back what we can. We would love to be of service to a local school or children’s organization in the area. The Pebble Project has come up a lot in my research and we would love to be a part of this. I understand that many of the children Pebble hoped to reach are in the Eastern regions of Turkey and we will only be in the West but we would still love to donate supplies or books. Please let me know what we can bring with us and if you have any other information or ideas where we can volunteer our time. I am incredibly inspired by Pebble’s desire to help the children and women of Turkey and would be honored to help fulfill her legacy. Thank you so much.


Hi Amanda.
I have replied to you via PM on TLF. I was wondering where you will be in the summer and when? I will be in Datca for most of August. I am hoping to buy books for at least one school in April. I am hoping some other TLF members will accompany me. Each box of books for leisure reading in a rural school will cost around 800 lira. We have enough for at least one box but i would love to raise more. The books will be Turkish children’s books and so it makes sense to buy them there. I will buy them in Datca or maybe Istanbul and get them sent to suitable schools. Each book will have a Pebble Jackson Project Sticker. All receipts for books will be scanned and published here and on TLF.
We of course would be thrilled to receive a donation and if you are in Turkey during August perhaps we could meet. As for your time schools will be closed in July/August. I do know of a charity for disabled children in Datca, I can give you a contact. Also there was a man posting about a charity for disabled children, I think in Kusadasi.
Hope we can meet in Turkey
Best wishes

We will be in either Bodrum or Fethiye the last two weeks of June. Will you also be taking school supplies? We could bring some from the states if you needed some. Also, could you give me the contact for the school in Datca? Thank you so much for your time.


Hi Amanda
Saw your post
If you are talking about stationery such as pens ,rulers etc in general we have a couple of TLF contacts in the Bodrum area who are going to have a shoe box appeal where stationery is gifted to local schools in a shoe box.
Please feel free to bring as much as you wish to Bodrum in June and I will arrange its collection.
We are hoping to spread the stationery idea around a bit to supplement Janes school books project in Datca.

Hi Amanda, Datca is a lttle place which you can reach by ferry from Bodrum. Ferries go at 9am and 5pm in high season and take 2 hours.
This is the disabled children’s charity. I haven’t had much contact with them although a friend has fund raised for them
I think there must be someone who speaks English.

I could put school supplies in with the books I will be sending to schools. If you did go to Datca I can give you a contact who would look after them until I arrive in August.
Best wishes

Hi Jane
Trying this facility for the 1st time!!
Its great.
As Maggie and Gail are enthusiastic about general stationery for their shoe box side,I asked Amanda if she can let them have some too while she is in Bodrum??
I think Nanamo has a load too and I am canvassing on TLF!!
I believe Gail was sorting a pick up point for any simple stationery such as pens and crayons to pass to a few local schools.
We then have Datca and Bodrum getting benefit.
What do you reckon?
Take care

Hi all. It sounds good Terry.
Just to inform every body that I will be buying the books on Monday 26th April. I have the lovely turquoise plastic boxes to put the books in, a set of puppets, some dual language books and a few English picture books that were free from a publisher. The 460+ pounds from TLF, some that a friend sent and some I have raised will be used to buy the Turkish books in Datca. Carol has promised some stickers before I leave.
Thank you to all the people behind the scenes who are supporting me in this venture.
There we are Pebble I have nearly fulfilled my promise to you.

Oh and I forgot to mention. There are 2 schools who will receive this gift in memory of Pebble. One is near Sivas and the other is in the mountains of Mugla.

Just to update these messages.
Jane has completed her brilliant project last week and the books were purchased and sent,one to Sivas and the other via Aysel and the school director of the mountain school near Mugla.
There are beautiful photos on Facebook via our profiles as well as the Pebble memorial and project events page of Jane and her helpers purchasing the books from Tricia,s bookshop in Datca at cost price.
We will post the photos on here asap via our web designer Nev.

The shoebox appeal run by Gail in Bodrum is now in full swing and donations of stationery are coming in this year as the holiday season gets underway.
Dont forget to pack a bit of stationery in your luggage when you go to the Bodrum area on holiday and that will benefit the appeal.You can buy a load of pens,pencils etc etc for less than a fiver as some pound shops or supermarkets in the UK or a few dollars in the States
If people with stationery let either Gail or myself know before they travel we can advise them contact details and what to do on their arrival.
As a last resort we understand that Altinkum bound travellers can leave their gifts at the offices of Crescent Homes in the centre of Altinkum with Carol.
Sometimes hotel collections are possible.
Thanks to all our willing helpers under the PJP who I have thanked personally.
The support is amazing.

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