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Pebble with her sister Moyra

Pebble with her sister Moyra

Pebble was born in Istanbul, Turkey on June 18, 1959. She lived there for 5 years before moving to Izmir, with her mother, Pat,father, John and 2 sisters, Moyra and Mollie. Pebble attended an Italian elementary school, and then Turkish and American middle and high schools.

She moved to the US in 1976 and finished high school and did a few years of college.

Pebble started work with a shipping company very early in her life, later working in Portland and San Francisco in this field, then subsequently moving to a lumber company, and ultimately becoming a lumber trader. She travelled extensively in her job to Canada, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Chechnya as well as all over the US.

She married a Turkish man, Taylan and had 2 children with him, Alex now 21 and Michelle, 19.

Pebble loved many things – Her FAMILY most of all, but also LIFE, and gardening, travelling, reading, sewing, beading, the list goes on and on…………………
She was a busy person, always working on projects, never sat still for long (except for reading!) and , in her short life of just 50 years , she managed to touch and help many, many people.

She was quick with a smile and a compliment to anybody – from waiters to salespeople in a shop, to random people on the street. Pebble never met a STRANGER – she could “chat up” anybody and make them feel good about themselves, and sometimes make
a friend of them. She loved to help people and was generous with her time, her skills, and her money and possessions…SHE SAW THE NEED AND GAVE.

One of her wishes was to help the women and children in Eastern Turkey, but sadly, due to her cancer and untimely death, she was unable to see this project come to fruition.
Hopefully, with the help of all of her friends and acquaintances all over the world
it can still happen – In her name, and in her memory.

These are the words of her sister Moyra A Meza in her memory and in support of the Pebble Jackson Project. We are extremely grateful for her contribution and the support of Pebble,s family.

Special Thanks to Yasemin Caglar for the video and tribute to her aunt:

““I was 8 years old when I met Peb for the first time. My father says she came into our lives like a beautifully wrapped gift..i remember being awed by her.. she was so pretty, so cheerful, so energetic..those first impressions never changed, instead sh…e awed me more and more as i grew to know her.

I’ve always loved Peb dearly, but for the past 4 years, we grew so much closer to each other as a family.. she was my mother’s sister in law but beyond that her best best friend, and,as they called each other, soulmates..Her loss is like a constant ache in my heart..it throbs within me like a heartbeat, and sometimes i find i’m breathless when the realisation that i will never see her again washes over me”


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