The Project Aims

You can hear an interview with Pebble Jackson talking about her ideas for the project.
Special thanks to Alex, Pebble’s son and administrator CrashTester for the interview and Video.

As a lasting tribute to Pebble Jackson and her vision this site is the spearhead of her project which she so much wanted to set up before she died.

She was so enthusiastic about improving the lives of schoolchildren from poorer families from Eastern Turkey in particular or inland areas where facilities were not so good for education. Schoolchildren can benefit from books and stationery in particular but the approach must be correct and liason with Turkish schoolteachers who are at the front end would play an important part in the project.

Funds will only provide items that are of most benefit to these children so that they have more facilities and items to assist and broaden their education.

The project can take many forms to provide that assistance and there is no rigid plan but instead an all embracing idea under its wing.
Pencils,crayons,highlighter pens,erasers and numerous little stationery items would be a wonderful way of giving the children more means of expressing themselves in picture and word. Items that are perhaps more taken for granted in the Western world may be like gold dust in some poorer areas.

Books,carefully selected by people with Turkish connections who know what they need to benefit the most in their education is another way.The fund itself would purchase these books as with the stationery OR individual helpers would raise their own funds to do the same thing by various means.

We are looking at various auctions organised by individual groups of family or friends , helpers with their own expertise and knowledge of Turkey doing fundraising themselves for their own mini projects or plain monetary contributions into the main fund on Turkish Living Forum under Pebble,s project etc etc etc………..

The next section on this site will be a “News” section and this will keep everyone up to date with the operation so we are grateful for helpers and fundraisers to keep us up to date with any events or fundraising activities they are involved in.These will be publicised in that section as soon as we are able.

ANY IDEA that will ultimately benefit these schoolchildren will be a part of this PROJECT
That is its AIM

Thank you to all who take the time to look at this site

pebble jackson project


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